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Everything we do, is about caring for you
Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy is an area of healthcare concerned with the prevention and rehabilitation of injury to get you back to functional, occupation and sport specific fitness regardless of age or fitness.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

S&C objectives include injury prevention and performance enhancement. Its also used in people of all levels to help maintain and increase functional movement.

First Aid

First Aid

Do you or your business need to learn life saving skills? We can run First Aid courses specific to you.Does your event or team need first aid, our event first aid team will cover you.

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Our customer’s experience is everything to us. Whether feeling comfortable assisting with an injury, confident applying first aid or developing the results you are looking for in your sport.

Everything we do is about caring for you

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    Top 5 Reasons To Get A Sports Massage

    Do you participate in regular activity, or suffer with muscle soreness, aches and pains, you could be missing out on all the benefits that a good sports massage can bring. Firstly, what is a Sports Massage?  Sports massage is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit a person partaking inRead more about Top 5 Reasons To Get A Sports Massage[…]

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  • What is Sports Therapy?

    Taken from The Society of Sports Therapists sports therapy is: “Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability. It utilises the principles of sport and exerciseRead more about What is Sports Therapy?[…]

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  • YES or NO to Foam Rollers…

    Foam rollers have become a common form of self help when it comes to sports injuries and recovery, but do you really know how to use them to their advantage and what they are actually doing? For those of you that don’t know, what are foam rollers? Foam rollers are cylindrical in shape and comeRead more about YES or NO to Foam Rollers…[…]

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    First Aiders & your company

    The amount of first aiders you need for your business depends on a number of things including: The industry High or low risk environment The amount of employees   There is a clear outline on the numbers your business needs. Environment Number of Employees Qualification Needed Low Risk 1-25 Appointed Person Low Risk 25-50 EmergencyRead more about First Aiders & your company[…]

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  • Are You Struggling With Text Neck?

    How we are evolving due to technology is fascinating to watch but the damage it is causing is phenomenal. The current generations and generations to follow are causing muscular damage as well as more importantly spine damage due to poor posture. Technology is a massive feature in everyone’s life, to those who spend all dayRead more about Are You Struggling With Text Neck?[…]

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    Rescue breaths vs. Chest compression only CPR

    CPR is a life saving skill that everyone should be able to perform.  There are many myths about how to actually perform CPR, the main one being do we use rescue breaths or not.  This is purely choice. What are rescue breaths? A rescue breath is used to manually put oxygen into the patients lungsRead more about Rescue breaths vs. Chest compression only CPR[…]

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